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  • FCPDK Worm Gear Reducer

    FCPDK Worm Gear Reducer

    FCPDK Worm Gear Speed Reducer, Aluminum case worm gear speed reducer ( Mounting dimension interchangeable with Bonfiglioli),Aluminum case worm gear speed reducer:1) Made of high quality aluminum alloy.2) Light weight, rusting resistant.3) Mounting dimensions are interchangeable with Bonfiglioli.4) Lubricated for usage life.5) Completely sealed

Company Brief: As a professional gearbox manufacturer in China, Fixed Star Group Company specializes in the production and sale of worm gearboxes, gear reducers, gate operators, screw actuators, couplings, and more. Our gear reducers and other transmission equipment can be classified into 10 categories, with more than 80,000 different types. They can be used in a wide variety of equipment, such as power equipment, mining equipment, metallurgical equipment, construction equipment, cement processing equipment, chemical equipment, pharmaceutical equipment, tobacco equipment, printing equipment, food processing equipment, electronic devices, wood processing equipment, and paper making equipment, among others.