Process Equipment
Inspecting Equipment
Service On Line
Worm Gear Reducer(6)
Cast Irom Case Worm Gear Boxes(2)
│├Single Stage Series(4)
││├Single Standart Series
││├Single Stage FCW Series
││├Single Stage FCZ Series
││└Single Stage FCV Series
│└Double Stage Series(2)
│ ├Double Stage FCE Series
│ └Double Stage FCF Series
Aluminum Case Worm Gears(3)
│├FCN Series(4)
││├Single Stage FCN Series
││├Single Stage FCEN Series
││├Double Stage FCFN Series
││└Stepless-Worm Series
│├FCP Series(3)
││├Single Stage FCP Series
││├Double Stage FCEP Series
││└Double Stage FCFP Series
│└UD Series Stepless Variator
Arc Gear Cylingdrcal Worm Reducers(2)
│├CW Series Arc Gear Cylingdrcal Worm Reducers
│└SCW Series Arc Gear Cylingdrcal Worm Reducers
Plane Enveloping Toroidsl Worm Reducers(7)
│├TP Series
│├RD-Series For Continuously-Casting Machines
│├Reducer For Pope Welding Machine
│├Series For Rubber Tyre Curing Press
│├Series For Dried Powder Press
│├Series For Paper-Cutting Machines
│└Series For Construction Hoists
Gearboxes In Inch Dimensions
Gearboxes For Special Usage(4)
 ├Special Gearbox For Textile
 ├Brake Reducer
 ├Gearbox For Paddelwheel Aerator
 └Stage Lifting Gearbox
In Line Helical Geared Motors(6)
Gate Operators(7)
Cyclo Drive Reducer(4)
Screw Actuater(1)
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TU64 Series For Construction HoistsTO65b Series For Construction HoistsINU125 Series For Construction Hoists
2TU144 Series For Construction Hoists

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